Sempena Rainforest Music Festival yang akan di adakan pada 5 Ogos 2016 ini, kami di Tranto Transportation akan menerima tempahan kereta sewa dan homestay sepanjang tempoh festival tersebut yang berlangsung selama 3 hari di Rainforest Kuching Sarawak.

Rainforest Music Festival 2016

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Sarawak Sweetheart At RWMF2016

Kuching, Thursday Alena Murang, a promising young musician and visual artiste from Kuching, will share the stage at the 19th Rainforest World Music Festival on August 5-7 at Sarawak Cultural Village in Damai.

“My cousins and I learnt Kelabit dancing since we were six and at some point, seven of us decided to pick up the sape’ so that we can have music to dance to at a rhythm, beat and length that we wanted,” she said, when asked about the beginning of her path to play the sape’ professionally.

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